Лоша дрога, квари добре навике

Still, still doing that shit, huh @Necovski?


Oh for sho', check me out

It's still @Necovski's day nigga, A.K.А SOTIR nigga

Though I've grown a lot, can't keep it home a lot

Cause when I frequent the spots that I'm known to rock

You hear the bass from the truck when I'm on the block

Ladies, they pay homage, but haters say @Necovski fell off

How nigga? My last post had 56 RT (nigga)

They want to know if he still got it

They say twitter's changed, they want to know how I feel about it

@Necovski is the name, I'm ahead of my game

Still, puffing my leafs, still fuck with the posts

Still not loving police (Uh huh)

Still rock my khakis with a cuff and a crease (fo sho)

Still got love for the streets, repping AERODROM (fo life)

Still the tweets bang, still doing my thang

Since I left, ain't too much changed, still

I'm representing for them gangstas all across the world

Still taking my time to perfect the blog

And I still got love for the streets, it's the N_E_C_O_V_S_K_I


  1. Yo..Gr8t mate !!! s_a_l_e

  2. Tnx s_a_l_e. A lotta luv and respect!!!


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